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South Beach Miami on a Budget

Endless White Sand

In South Beach Miami all life is around the beach. Yes, South Beach means different things to different people. For some - it's a place for parties and night clubs, for others - a place to enjoy fine dining and exotic drinks, and for some – a place to observe the latest fashion trends. Don't forget to watch the crowds - you never know what celebrity you are going to meet this time.

White Sand Beach. White Sand Beach-2. The Life Guard Station in South Beach Miami. People Sunbathing in South Beach Miami.

But, regardless how you are planning to spend your time in South Beach Miami – you will be spending a lot of time on the beach.

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Sunbathing Time!

The best time to be at the beach is probably very earlier, between 8 - 11 am. In that time the beach is not overcrowded. You can watch the birds walking on sand, people running, para-gliding enthusiasts flying over the ocean, and surfers trying to catch the wave. Don't forget the amateur (and professional) photographers trying to capture the moment.

Just Sand.

After lunch the sun is too hot, and it is always better to stay in a shade.

After 4 pm the temperature usually cools down, and you can go back to the beach again. It is our favorite time to go for a swim.

Seagull by the Water. Seagull in South Beach Miami. Far Away Hotels.

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