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Jungle Island in Miami

Sometimes it is easy to forget that we are sharing this planet with some amazing animals. It is roughly estimated that there are between 3 and 30 million separate species with vertebrates (back-boned) animals making up only 3% of the total.

The wide estimate range is due to many factors. Some animal species have not been discovered yet. We are finding new ones all the time. Locations sometimes make animal species identification and counting difficult—like in dense jungles, deep oceans, and other remote areas.

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Sometimes, we’re not sure how to classify an animal’s species—especially if it is unknown to the observer.

So, we aren’t at all sure how many exotic animals really exist. But, I am sure you will see many strange and amazingly beautiful animals at Jungle Park.

Take, for instance, the beautiful Cassowary Bird that reminded me of royalty. This bird was cloaked in a Royal Blue outfit with bright red lapels and its head was topped with a golden crown.

From Cute to Cutest

There was a sophisticated and overweight pot-bellied pig that strutted by on its own high heels. A friendly Lemur wore a white stole and fashionably-high black boots. And an Andean Condor looked like he is ready to attack somebody.

You can spend the whole day there and not even notice how much time has passed. Make sure to allow time to watch every offered show too; each lasts about thirty minutes.

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Dollars and Sense Tips

Yes, the tickets are expensive (less expensive is always nicer!) but there is so much to do and see for all ages that it is worth the price.

Hotels usually have discount coupons for these nearby attractions and that will save a bit of your cash.

Getting yourself there is easy. You don’t need to pay for an expensive tour to get to Jungle Island Zoo. It is located between downtown Miami and South Beach and there is regular public transportation available.

Jungle Island Park is a fascinating experience and your chance to see some amazing exotic animals. Don’t forget to carry your camera and take loads of pictures!

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