Gay Pride Parade 2011 in South Beach Miami

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Gay Pride Parade - April 2011

" Dance as if no one's watching,
Sing as if no one's listening,
Live everyday as if it were your last."
~ Irish proverb

Baloons Girl With Arrows The Dragon Lady with Her Bodyguard Four Young Men Superman With His Lady Boat on a Street of South Beach A Jungle Moment Gay Price Parade Parade General

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Whether you came to participate in the Gay Pride Parade or you were a spectator hiding from the sun, you will never forget the excitement of that day! It is indeed the largest block party of the year!

In this very colorful photo gallery you will find the Spiderman, the Lady with her Bodyguard and the Dragon and the Parade General.

Gay Price Parade - 2 Chinese Ladies With Umbrellas

You Have Got An App For That Gay Price Parade - 3

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