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What to wear at the beach

Believe it or not, but the topic of what to wear to the beach in Miami is very trendy among travelers.

Party Dresses.

It seems like more people are not sure of what to wear to the beach than what to wear to the night club, dinner party, date, or a formal event.

Which is, kind of strange. And funny. Because at the beach you need only a few things:

• A bathing suit,

• Cute flip-flops,

• A beach dress (short, medium length or long, whatever you like), and

• A summer hat.

Plus, the sun umbrella, sunscreen lotion or spray, sunglasses, of course, and a huge beach towel.

That's it.

How many swimsuits to pack?

A common question asked, "How many swimsuits to pack?" or "How many swimsuits should I take on my Miami vacation?"

Most of the time, two swimsuits is enough - one to wear while the other is drying. Some people like to bring three swimsuits.

One-piece bathing suit or bikini?

It is better if all your bathing suits are the same style, one-piece bathing suit or bikini. After all, you want only one set of tan lines. Plus, when one area of your body has a tan, and another doesn't, you get a sunburn more easily.

The current trend in swimsuits: Retro style

The 1950s classic vintage style swimsuits are back, and women love it! You will see many vintage style swimming suits on a beach this year. Do you have to wear a retro style bathing suit just because it is trending now? No. Wear what looks good on you!

Neon bathing suits

Neon bathing suits, green or hot pink, are another interesting new trend that is emerging for the summer. I have to admit - it does look very refreshing!

Good on anyone swimsuits

If you are looking for a perfect swimsuit that looks good on anyone, check our selection from the Amazon store. After all, if it worked for thousands of other women, the chances are - it will work for you too. And the prices are right.

Plus size swimsuits

For plus size bathing suits, the brand UpOpBy may have something for you. They make interesting retro style one-piece swimsuits with tummy control.

What else

Bring a sunscreen spray 50+ SPF and Aloe Vera Gel, in case you get a sunburn. You can always buy it in any drug store in South Beach Miami. The only problem - like in most popular travel destinations, in Miami Beach these simple items will cost you three times more than in your home town or online.

Jessica Gale,

Two Piece Swimsuit

Angerella Vintage Polka Dot High Waisted Bathing Suits. Comes in 22 different colors.

Tummy Control Swimsuit

Firpearl Tummy Control Slimming Swimsuit. Available in 25 different colors.

Two Piece Bathing Suit

JomeDesign Womens Two Piece Bathing Suits Tankini. Sizes S-XXXL.

One Piece Swimsuit

CUPSHE Vintage Lace Bathing Suit. Comes in 4 different colors.

Boho Bikini Set

COCOSHIP Retro Boho Flounce Falbala High Waist Bikini Set. Available in 20 different colors.

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Beach Cover Up

HARHAY Beach Swimwear Cover up. Also, available in 14 other colors.

Beach Cover Up

Rainlover Swimwear Bikini Cover-ups. Available in many colors.

Beach Cover Up

GDKEY Chiffon Tassel Beach Cover up. Available in 11 other colors.

Beach Attire

LAPAYA Beach Dress. Many other colors are available.

Polka Dot Bathing Suit

Amourri Retro Vintage Polka Dot Underwire Swimsuit.

Red Off Shoulder Bikini

Tempt Me Two Piece Off Shoulder Bikini. Also, available in 18 other patterns and colors. #1 Amazon Bestseller.

Beach Dress

NERLEROLIAN Beach Dress. Flattering. Also, available in navy, pink and other colors.

Beach Attire: Romper

Dreamskull Spaghetti Strap Romper. Available in black, blue and other colors.

Patchwork Beach Dress

R.Vivimos Summer Dress. Patchwork. Short Beach Dress.

Summer Dress

OMZIN Flare Sleeve T-Shirt with Lace. Many colors.


Exlura Off Shoulder Sweater. Also, available in white, red wine and other colors.

Neon Green Bathing Suit

Zeraca Neon Green Bikini Swimsuits. Available in many colors.

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Beach Dress

Milumia Tribal Print Kimono Sleeve Summer Dress.

Beach Attire: Flip-flops

Qilunn Studded Bow Flip Flops.

Chiffon Swimsuit Cover Up

Yonala Summer Beach Wear / Cover up. Comes in 7 different colors.


Viishow Summer Dress with Pockets. Comes in black, pink, and many other colors.

Beach Maxi Dress

LILBETTER Beach Crochet Backless Maxi Dress.

Round Straw Bag

Round Straw Bag. Natural.

Red Cotton Cap

KBETHOS Classic Cotton Cap. Adjustable. Polo Style. Offered in 30 different colors.

Lady Color Bracelet

Lady Color Bracelet ♥ Mothers Day Gifts. Adjustable Crystal Bracelet. Made with Swarovski Crystals. Gift Packaging.


ETCYY Summer Floral Printed Sundress with Pockets.

Smart Watch

SXGINBT Smart Activity Monitor Watch. Waterproof Fitness Tracker for Swimming.

Comfort Sandals

Gold Pigeon Shoes GP Signature SNAP Lock Comfort Sandals. Many colors.

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Last updated on April 17, 2019.

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