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10 Sexy Short Sweaters

Before I start, I have to admit - I love short sweaters. I have the whole collection of short sweaters and wear them all the time. You can call them my uniform.

Short Sweaters for Women.

Short Sweaters Are Versatile

You can wear a short sweater with just about anything - denim shorts, fashion pants or pattern leggings.

You can wear a short sweater everywhere - to a casual bar, dinner with friends, or while walking on the beach at night.

How to Wear Short Sweaters?

If you are going out, you can wear a bright red sweater with a leather pencil skirt. Or an orange color sheer shrug cardigan over a black bodycon dress.

If your sweater looks a little boring, wear it with a bright color scarf or a leopard print beret. The printed brushed soft leggings from the VIV Collection will also look good with any plain looking sweater.

What Do You Wear Under a Knitted Short Sweater?

It depends. I always wear a thin Thermasil camisole underneath of any sweater. The Thermasil camisoles made out of 100% silk, they are breathable and come in two colors - black and white.

Don't Forget Accessories

I love multicolor beaded stackable bracelets, and I wear them with every sweater I have. These bracelets are my signature accessory. What is your signature accessory? Stackable rings? Bright color scarfs? Tassel earrings?

What Else

You can mix unexpected fabrics for a more distinctive look.

Jessica Gale, hipstyleandvalue.com

Dressy Sweater

ECOWISH Knitted Ball Dots Loose Winter Pullover. Also, available in Yellow, Burdundy, White and other colors.

Sheer Shrug Cardigan

Back From Bali Sheer Shrug Cardigan. Lightweight Knit. Available in 26 different colors.

Short Sweater: Striped

Yacooh Striped Oversized Long Sleeve Cropped Sweater.

Short Sweater: Pink

Milumia Cropped Fuzzy Sweater. Also, available in burgundy, gray, black.

Statement Bracelet

RIAH FASHION Multi Color Stretch Beaded Stackable Bracelets.

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ECOWISH Women's Casual Leopard Print Sweater.

Lightweight Accent Scarf

Ted and Jack - Silk Ombre Lightweight Accent Scarf. Comes in many colors.

Short Sweater: Red

ECOWISH Short Sweaters Collection. Also, available in Black, Coffee, Gray, and Yellow.


VIV Collection Popular Printed Brushed Soft Leggings. Comes in 40 different patterns.

Short Sweater: Yellow


ZAFUL Loose Cropped Sweater. Available in many colors.

Pencil Skirt

LJYH Women's Desinger Leather Pencil Midi Skirt.

Shoulder Bag

Pu Leather Shoulder Bag with Bee. Cute and Unusual!

Ankle Boots

Kenneth Cole REACTION Ankle Boots. Also, available in black.

Corduroy Jacket

ZAFUL Hooded Color Block Corduroy Jacket. Also, available in 5 other colors.

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French Style Vintage Leopard Print Wool Beret. Also, available in khaki and white.

Red Tassel Earrings

Izasky Red Tassel Earrings. They come in 12 different colors.

Multicolor Earrings

EVER FAITH Cluster Dangle Earrings.

Short Sweater: Black & White

Angashion Leopard Print Sweater.

Comfort Flats

NATURAL SOUL Flat Shoes. Available in 4 different colors.

Knit Cardigan

Farktop Off The Shoulder Tie Front Knit Cardigan. Available in 10 other colors.

Open Front Cardigan

Inorin Open Front Cardigan Faux Fur. Also, available in Black and Beige.

Thermasil Camisole

Thermasilk Pointelle Camisole made by Terramar. Available in black and white.

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Last updated on Jan. 25, 2019.

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