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What to Wear to a Bar

When going to a bar, you have to keep in mind two things: where the bar is located and at what time of a day you are going to a bar.

Bar outfits. Cocktail Dresses. MIami.

Bars by the Pool

Some bars are by the pool or just a few steps away from the the beach. In these bars you can wear your beach clothing.

Casual Style

If the bar is one block from the shoreline, you have to wear casual clothes, even when is super hot outside; otherwise they won’t serve you drinks or food.

At Night

At night everything changes. People get dressed up at night in South Beach Miami and bar outfits reflect this trend. I guess, "dress to impress" would be the right way to describe the outfits in the evening.

Exquisite Bars

If the bar is in the expensive hotel, like Loews, St. Moritz, Delano, or you are going to a rooftop bar, you are expected to wear a cocktail dress.

If in Doubt...

If you are going to a specific bar at the hotel and you are seriously in doubt of what to wear, call the hotel and ask about their dress code. They will help.

Bar Outfits: Colors

In Miami, bright colors look very good. If you want to meet new people, our recommendation - wear yellow. The yellow color is known as the color of communication. If you want people to remember you, wear red. And if you like classics, wear a little black dress. It always works!

What Else

It is almost always hot in South Beach Miami. Even if the temperature drops at night, it is still warm. You are in a tropical climate and you need to wear something light and breathable.

Cocktail Dresses: Yellow, Black, and Patterns

Bar Outfit. Cocktail Dress. Miami.

Meilun Women's Strapless Bandage Dress Cocktail Bodycon Dress. Comes in 10 different colors. Price: $28.00

MOLERANI Casual Plain Short Sleeve Dress. Comes in 26 different colors. Price: $18.99.

FANCYINN Women Sexy Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Casual Dress. Comes in 14 different colors. Price: $24.99.

DASEIN Lightweight Medium Crossbody Bag with Tassel. Comes in many other colors. Price: $17.99.

DIDK Layered Top. Price: $17.99

Gyozelem Summer Casual Bodycon Dress. Available in black, navu and other colors. Price: $16.98.

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Cocktail Dresses: Blue, Purple

Fantaist Sleeveless Mini Party Dress. Halter Neck. Patchwork Lace. Comes in 7 different colors. Price: $23.99.

DREAGAL Women's Sleeveless Lace Patchwork Mini Chiffon Dress. Price: $17.99.

Kate Spade New York Earrings

Kate Spade New York Shine On Flower Earrings. Price: $58.00.

Bar Outfits: Top

Milumia Women's 3/4 Sleeve Side Split T-Shirt Blouse. Comes also in Navy and Beige. Price: $18.99.


VISCATA Authentic and Original Flats. Innersole Cushion. Made in Spain. Comes in 11 colors. Price: $89.95.

Faux Fur Cardigan

Inorin Womens Open Front Cardigan Faux Fur. Also, available in Black and Beige. Price: $30.98.

Shrug Cardigan

Back From Bali Womens Sheer Shrug Cardigan. Lightweight Knit. Comes in 26 different colors. Price: $24.95.

Striped Print Pants

Floerns Frilled Waist Striped Print Pants. Price: $19.99.

Coral Color Dress

iconic luxe Midi Dress with Pockets. Also available in other colors. Price: $15.99.

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Bar Outfits: Patterns

Hibluco Women's Sexy Off Shoulder Strapless Floral Print Mini Dress. Comes in 4 colors. Price: $19.99.

Bar Outfits: Knit Sweater

Yacooh Womens Cropped Long Sleeve Knit Sweater. Price: $25.88.

HAOMEILI Casual Dress

HAOMEILI Casual T-Shirt Dress with Pockets. Many colors. Price: $18.89.

Shoulder Bag

Pu Leather Shoulder Bag with Bee. Price: $26.99.

Dressy Gold Shoes

Mugara Flats. Available in 9 different colors. Price: $39.99.

Bar Outfits: Casual Cardigan

ECOWISH Knit Cardigan With Pockets. Also, available in grey and white. Price: $18.99.


VIV Collection Popular Printed Brushed Soft Leggings. Available in 40 different patterns. Price: $11.99.

Shrug Cardigan in Blue

Sheer Shrug Cardigan. Also, available in 15 other colors.
Price: $26.95.

Bar Outfits: Maxi Skirt

Urban CoCo Chiffon High-Waist Maxi Skirt. Price: $25.86.

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