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South Beach Miami on a Budget

In Pictures: South of Miami Beach

South Beach Miami is a true paradise for people who love digital photography.

The nature is very colorful. The sun is always shining - well, it is shining most of the time. The majority people you meet are on vacation, happy and smiling.


Whether you use a very expensive DSLR camera, or your iPhone, every picture looks good!

Except of pictures taken at night - you need a good quality flash light at night.

Parrots. Beach Four Young Men Parasailing

A Few Tips for Photographers

A few words about Low Light Photography: if you like to take pictures very early in the morning and late at night and don't have an external flash, you may experiment with your digital camera's ISO setting. Of course, nothing is better than natural light, but changing your ISO setting in a low light environment may help!

The beach.

Miami colors

Miami colors are very bright colors. Whether it is the color found in nature or clothing that people wear, Miami's colors are always super cheerful.

Exotic Flowers - 2

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The beach.

The best entertainment in town

I think the best entertainment in town is a crowd watching. Rollerbladers, bikers, runners... Some people are dressed up, some - dressed down. It never gets boring.

Rollerblading. Miami Marathon. Dolphins.


South Beach Miami loves dogs (and the dog parades). What is impressive, the dogs in Miami are always dressed right for the occasion. Like their owners.

The Dog in a Pink Dress

Street entertainment

If you like to shop for vintage or unusual items (like sculptures of the Buddha), South Beach Miami has many community events - flea markets, street markets, fresh food markets, and block parties. There is always something for everyone.

Buddha on Flea Market Berries.

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Video - Miami Flea Market and the Buddha

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