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Exotic birds in Miami - parrots & flamingo

Two Parrots

Most unforgettable birds

There are birds and BIRDS. And then there are the exotic birds that we see once and never forget.

That is what is likely to happen when you visit Jungle Island Park and the Miami Seaquarium. It happened to me.

I suppose any bird not usually seen in a specific geographical environment is “exotic” to a local birdwatcher. Most people, though, visualize the multi-colored species when thinking of exotic birds; like Parrots and Macaws.

We think of birds with brilliant plumage, long tail feathers, or strangely-shaped beaks. Or birds like the Flamingos that can balance themselves on one skinny leg.

Jungle Island park - flamingoes

What do I remember the most from my visit to Jungle Island Park? The Pink Caribbean Flamingoes that lived on a separate island within the Park.

Surrounded by water, they spent a lot of time wading and standing around on one skinny leg. Still, they were impressive birds to watch.


The most colorful Macaw Parrot I had ever seen. She lives in Miami Seaquarium.


The White Parrot. She is a deep thinker. She looks very puzzled.


Two Macaw Parrots. I called them a Perfect Florida Retired Couple. They were watching the crowd.


Amazing Parrot! I think this Macaw Parrot is going to hit her head against... something, a stick since there is no wall.

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The white Flamingoes were allowed to wander the park. They stalked around and provided entertaining encounters. The birds were bumping into visitors on every road! Or, was it the other way around?

White Flamingo

Flamingoes can live longer than thirty years in captivity, and nearly as long in the wild, where they have few natural enemies. They breed in pairs that may change from one breeding season to another.

Miami Seaquarium - parrots and their kin

Parrots at the Seaquarium were the best! They added to the fun of seeing dolphins and other fish there. And, luckily, a digital camera can easily capture the moments.

Blue Parrots Blue Parrot

Each parrot seemed to have a different character and different color combinations. You probably couldn’t have an intelligent conversation with the talking parrots, but that may also be true of some humans! Some of the parrots, though, were quick with a friendly “Hello.”

The vibrant-colored Macaws are part of the Parrot family. Unlike Flamingoes, the Macaws will usually mate for life and spend their time together, sharing mutual grooming patterns and food with mates.

One pair reminded me of an old couple long together. When one moved, the other mimicked the exact movement, as though they were truly one in thought. Can Macaws have their own kind of true love do you think?

I suspect not. But I do know this: some exotic birds you just can’t forget!

If you are planning your vacation to South Beach, these pictures will help you to decide what places you would want to visit.

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