What to Wear in South Beach. Miami packing list.

South Beach Miami on a Budget

What to wear in Miami Beach

OK, you purchased your airline tickets, made a hotel reservation, and you are ready to start packing. What to wear in South Beach Miami? What to pack for a trip and what to leave at home?

Women Walking with a Dog on Lincoln Road. What to wear in South Beach Miami. Miami packing list.

Especially now, when airlines have so many luggage and weight restrictions, you want to pack only the right clothes in your suitcase (unless you don't mind paying the airlines extra!)

How people spend time in South Beach Miami?

Before you start packing for your trip, let's look at how people spend time in South Beach Miami.

Early morning

There is nothing better than a run (or brisk walk) before breakfast before the sun gets too hot. There are miles of the boardwalk in South Beach Miami along the hotel side of the beach.

Brisk Walk in the Morning.

Most likely you would want to do it too. Don't forget to bring your sneakers and workout clothes.

After breakfast - beach time

This is beach time for most people on vacation in South Beach Miami; pack your swimsuit, suntan lotion, and sunglasses. And don't forget a hat!

South Beach after 11 A.M.

If you are like me, the chances are from 11 A.M., and until 4 P.M. you will be hiding from the sun at the nearest Starbucks or by the swimming pool. It is just too hot to be under direct sunlight, and no matter how much sunscreen lotion you use, you still get a sunburn. So, it is better to be safe than sorry!

And, in case, you wonder what to wear after midday - statement T-shirts would definitely work. They are good conversation starters.

Dinner time

People dress up for dinner in South Beach Miami. Whether its dinner at the Delano Hotel or gourmet pizza on Lincoln Road, whether you like to wear cool style clothes or prefer a very conservative look, you need to be dressed up for dinner.

Luxury hotels have a dress code at dinner time. Besides, people in South Beach like to go for drinks after dinner, and many hotels don't allow people in beach clothes in a restaurant.

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At night

Anything funky and crazy goes at night. Be creative! South Beach Miami is a partying town that never sleeps.

You want to get noticed in a crowd. And you want to feel comfortable in your clothes because it is hot and humid in South Beach even at night. What to wear to a nightclub? Check our article Nightclub Outfits for some useful recommendation on what to wear to a nightclub.

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Miami colors

Everyone wants to know what color to wear. We recommend wearing bright colors. Somehow they look perfect in South Beach.

If you can’t figure out which color is the best for you or don't like bright colors, you can always wear black or, perhaps, brown.

South Beach Miami. Women walking.

Synthetics or cotton?

It can be boiling and humid in South Beach Miami. In general, synthetics or half synthetics/half cotton are better for the sea climate than clothes made of 100% cotton. Cotton observes moisture. It doesn't feel right and doesn't look good either.

Final thoughts

And if you forgot to bring something, don't worry. There are tons of stores around. After all, the trip to South Beach Miami is about having FUN.

But the most important - enjoy the beach, the sun, and the nightlife. All your worries about what to wear can be left at home!

We hope this article provided you with many ideas about what to wear in South Beach Miami.

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Jessica Gale,

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