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6 Reasons to Buy a Unique Purse or a Quirky Handbag

Why do people love buying unique purses? Well, because they are, hmmm... unique. And fun to have.

1. A unique purse makes a fashion statement.

2. A unique purse has its character and personality.

3. A unique purse is a great conversation starter.

4. A unique purse hardly ever goes out of style.

5. A unique purse can become your statement jewelry.

6. Some unique purses are very expensive, but, some, surprisingly, are very reasonably priced, and the best part - your friends probably wouldn't know the difference.

So, if you are in a mood for shopping, or want to see unique handbags and purses scroll down this page.

Unique Purse. Evening Clutch. Unusual Handbag.

Teapot Bag

Funny Gothic Purse. Teapot Shaped Bag. Pu Leather.

Round Ball Clutch

Round Ball Clutch. Rhinestone Ring Handle.

Fluffy Feather Round Clutch

Mogor Faux Fur Fluffy Feather Round Clutch. Also, available in blue, black and white.

Cube Shape Handbag

Beaded Flower Box. Evening Clutch Purse.

Lemon Bag

Betsey Johnson Don't Be Tarty Straw Lemon Bag.

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Multicolor Handbag

LChala Crossbody Cell Phone Purse. ($32.50.)

Sleeveless Black Dress

Unbranded* Sleeveless Dress with Pockets. Casual. Stretchy Jersey Fabric.

Pretty Color Combination

Multicolored Handbag with Many Internal Pockets. PU Leather.

Cube Shape Handbag

QZUnique Cute Cube Shape Handbag. Cute Clutch.

Evening Bag with Pearls

Satin Rose Pure Color Evening Bag with Pearls.

Laptop Bag

ECOSUSI PU Leather Laptop Bag.

Shoulder Bag

ECOSUSI Vintage PU Leather Messenger Shoulder Bag.

Genuine Leather Handbag

Colorful Woven Shoulder Bag.

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Fluffy Feather Round Clutch

Mogor Faux Fur Fluffy Feather Round Clutch. Also, available in pink, black, and white.

Phone Bag

Betsey Johnson Off the Hook Wireless Phone Bag. Crossbody Bag.

Glamorous Purple Clutch

Nodykka Evening Party Purse. Available in grey, red, and other colors.

Ball Shape Purse

QZUnique Round Ball Shape purse.

Yellow Bodycon Dress

Bar Outfit. Cocktail Dress. Miami.

Meilun Strapless Bodycon Dress. Available in 10 different colors.

Red Evening Clutch

KISSCHIC Vintage Beaded and Sequined Evening Bag.

We hope you enjoyed our unique purse collection. If you are looking for handbags with a more classic look, read our article Tips for Choosing the Right Purse - for the evening party.

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Last updated on Feb. 21, 2021.

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