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19 Party Dresses

Overall, in South Beach Miami women and men appreciate fashion. Even so, during the day most people spend time sunbathing on a beach - at night it's a party time. A big time.

Party Dresses.

Selecting Colors

What is the most important element of a party dress? For me it is color. Somebody once said, “If you want people to remember you after the party - always wear Red. If you come to the party to network with people, then wear Yellow, the attention-grabbing color."

I can only add to this - when in doubt or if you can't picture yourself in Red (or Yellow), wear a Black party dress with dark red evening pumps or sexy leopard print pointed toe high heels.

A Glitter Dress at Night

A glitter bodycon dress will make a perfect outfit for the evening party. With a glitter dress it is better to use very few accessories and wear a solid color shoes. Otherwise, it becomes, kind of, too much.

Sexy Look

Looking for a sexy party outfit? Go for leopard prints! A sexy leopard party dress is not always black, brown and white. You can find leopard prints on a blue, red or even green background. More leopard print examples here.

Dress for a Casual Party

For a casual look, wear a T-Shirt dress with fashion sneakers or comfortable flats. You may add a striped cardigan or a motorcycle leather jacket to your outfit. And this is all you need for a casual party.

Pool Party in Summer

Any summer dress with cute flip-flops or platform sandals will work for a pool party. Not in a mood for a summer dress? No problem. Try denim shorts and a statement T-shirt. And don't forget to bring a swimsuit to the pool party. Just in case. After all, you are by the pool.

Synthetics or Cotton?

In South Beach Miami, wearing clothes from synthetic fabrics is simply more practical - synthetic fabrics or blends require little to no maintenance. In a very humid climate, like Miami, your cotton or linen party dress will become all wrinkled after one hour.

Weather at Night

Especially during winter season, the temperature at night can drop significantly in South Beach Miami. So, be prepared and have an oversized fashion scarf, a denim jacket or anything else to keep you warm.

What Else...

Donna Karan once said, "Evening is a time of real experimentation. You never want to look the same way." Don't be afraid to add a pop of bright color purse or a piece of statement jewelry to your outfit.

Jessica Gale, hipstyleandvalue.com

Noctflos Lace V Neck Fit & Flare Cocktail Dress. Many colors. Price: $37.99.

Milumia Boho Off The Shoulder Maxi Party Dress. Price: $21.99.

SVALIY Off Shoulder Ruffles Floral Party Dress. $16.99.

Milumia Tribal Mini Dress.
Price: $16.99.

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Party Dresses:
Black, Floral, Red, Blue

Meilun Deep V Neck Bead Bodycon Party Dress.
Price: $76.00.

Erosebridal Party Gowns. Available in 5 other colors.
Price: $69.00.

Oxiuly Party Dress with Patchwork Pockets. Also, available in 18 color combinations. Price: $29.96.

Zalalus Sleeveless Floral Lace Cocktail Party Dress. $29.81.

Michael Kors Bracelet

Michael Kors Heritage Heart adjustable bracelet. Polished rose gold-tone heart charm with pavé crystal halo. Price: $85.00.

Fantaist Mini Party Dress with Patchwork Lace. Also, available in 7 other colors. Price: $23.99.

Risesun Bohemian Vintage Printed Ethnic Style Party Dress. Also, available in 7 other colors. Price: $19.99.

Sidefeel Floral Print Off Shoulder Bodycon Dress. Price: $19.99.

Red Evening Sandals

YooPrettyz Low Heel Evening Sandals. Also, available in black, blue and gold. Price: $59.90.

Alex Evenings Dress with Sequin Jacket (Petite and Regular Sizes). Price: $189.00.

Cozy Oversized Scarf. Also, available in 10 different color combinations. Price: $10.99.

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Party Dresses:
White, Purple, Patterns

SVALIY Off Shoulder Party Dress. Split Chiffon. Also, available in 3 other colors. Price: $17.99

Ankola Boho Bodycon Dress. Price: $18.99.

PU Leather Clutch Leopard Print. Price: $16.99.

Sidefeel Women Off Shoulder Ruffles Bodycon Mini Dress.
Also, available in black, blue, purple and many other colors. Price: $24.99.

Milumia Floral Print Mini Dress.
Price: $22.99.

VFSHOW Leopard Print Dress. Also, available in 4 other colors. Price: $28.99.

NANFANGLI Summer Party Dress. Off Shoulder. Fit Comfy. Floral Print. Price: $21.39.

Meilun Two Piece Stretch Bodycon Set. Also, available in black, red, blue and other colors. Price: $49.00.

Dress Pumps. Leather and Leopard Print. Price: $51.01.

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Last updated on Dec. 4, 2018

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