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What to wear to a party

Overall, in South Beach, Miami, women and men appreciate fashion. Even so, during the day most people spend time sunbathing on a beach - at night it's party time. A big time.

Party Dresses.

What to wear to a party depends on the occasion. Is it going to be a cocktail reception, a birthday celebration with friends, a Christmas party, or a party at the pool? Is this party going to be at the expensive restaurant, local bar, or your friend's home?

Cocktail reception

Generally, glitter bodycons or sequins look good at the cocktail reception or an evening party. Style it with a jacket, wristlet, signature accessories, and black high heel sandals.

Beacher Zacharias Sexy Deep V Neck Halter Striped Evening Party Dress. Many colors. ($48.99.)

Max Studio Printed Chiffon Back Tie Halter Shift Dress. ($89.00.)

Mansy Sexy Cocktail V Neck Mini Dress. Also, available in green and navy. ($19.99.)

Casual party

For a casual look, wear a T-Shirt dress with fashion sneakers or comfortable flats. Mix it with a motorcycle leather jacket, hobo bag, a piece of statement jewelry, and you are good to go.

BTFBM 2020 Stretchy Bodycon Party Dress. Sizes: S - XL. ($27.99.)

uguest Long Sleeve V Neck Dress Floral Mini Swing Party Dress with Belt. ($23.99.)

ROMWE Stretchy A Line Swing Cocktail Party Dress. Sizes XS - XL. ($26.99.)

Pool party

Any summer dress with cute flip-flops or sporty platform sandals will work for a pool party. Style it with a straw bag and bohemian style layered bracelets. Not in a mood for a summer dress? No problem. Try denim shorts and a Statement T-Shirt. And don't forget to bring a swimsuit to the pool party, just in case. After all, you are by the pool.

Boho Floral Ruffle Dress. ($27.99.)

LOMON A-line Ruffle Dress. S-XL. Available in many colors. Price: $24.99.

Christmas party

The satin and green velvet dresses look very good at the Christmas party. Accessorize it with gold jewelry or pearls - if you like a classic style. For a modern look, wear statement jewelry, many stacking rings, and a tiny unique purse.

RINHOO 10PCS Bohemian Ring Sets. ($9.99.)

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Refined look

Lace is always a good idea for a party outfit. For a modern and sophisticated look, wear a dress of any warm color with elements of lace or a black lace skirt and a white top. We added outfits with lace and mesh to our list. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Alvaq Sexy V Neck Sleeveless Lace Dress. Sizes: S - XL. Many colors.($40.99.)

Urban CoCo Midi Skirt. Many colors.($19.86.)

Sexy look

Are you looking for a hot party outfit? Wear a dress with asymmetrical features, like an asymmetrical hemline or one-shoulder dress. You can pair it with small accessories, jackets, cardigans, and high heels.

ECOWISH One Shoulder Sleeveless Midi Party Dress. Sizes M - XL. ($35.99.)

Mizoci Casual SleevelessCocktail Party Dresses Dress. Sizes S - XXL. ($19.99.)

Asymmetric High and Low Club Shirt Dress. ($23.99.)

Midi, mini, or maxi dress?

Anything goes at night. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

VintageClothing Maxi Party Dress. Many colors. ($33.44.)

Trends for 2020

Colorful leather dresses are becoming a new trend.

Faux Leather Fashion Midi A-line Dress with a Belt. ($49.99.)

A few words about colors

What is the essential element of a party dress? For me, it is color.

People always remember the girl in red. So, if you want people to remember you - always wear red at the evening event. However, if you come to the party to network with people, then wearing yellow could not be such a bad idea. A bright yellow color, traditionally called the color of communicators, stands out in a crowd and makes it easier to strike a conversation with you.

Then, there is the Color of the Year. In 2020, The Color of the Year will be classic blue, like blueberry or deep sea.

Finally, if you run out of ideas on what to wear, remember Coco Chanel's advice and wear a little black dress. It is classics. With dark red evening pumps or sexy leopard print pointed toe high heels, a black dress will look right at any party.

Round Neck Ruffles Wrap Party Dress. Available in many colors. Sizes S - XL. ($23.98.)

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Plus Size Party Dresses

Milumia Plus Size Round Neck Long Lantern Sleeve Belted Cocktail Party Dress. ($36.99.)

Astra Signature Deep V-Neck Sequin Beaded Fringed Mini Plus Size Club Dress. ($79.99)

Umgee Boho Bliss! Sizes S - 1X. ($34.99.)

Calvin Klein Women's Gella Dress Pump. ($108.95.)

Trends for Fall 2020

In the Fall of 2020, you will see many knitted sweater dresses, from mini to maxi, and a lot of beige - nude, honey, chai, caramel, cocoa, and mocha.

Mansy Bodycon Ribbed Knitted Sweater Dress. ($20.99.)

Mansy Knitted Sweater Dress. ($25.99.)

Romwe Scalloped Hem Knitted Sweater Dress. ($29.99.)

R.Vivimos Knitted Sweater Dress. ($25.99.)

Maisolly Knitted Sweater Dress. ($27.99.)

Synthetics or cotton?

In South Beach Miami, wearing clothes from synthetic fabrics is merely more practical - synthetics or blends require little to no maintenance. In a very humid climate, like Miami, your cotton or linen party dress will become all wrinkled in an hour.


The micro-trend usually doesn't last long, maybe one season, but they make a big impact. Right now, everyone is talking about sea glass jewelry.

Skagen Sea Glass Stud Earrings. ($30.00.)

Skagen Sea Glass Stud Earrings. ($49.95.)

What else

If you find yourself in a situation when you want to look younger, you may follow the advice of Hollywood stylist Andrew Welwicks and wear vibrant purple, bright pink or red.

Jessica Gale, hipstyleandvalue.com

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