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Chic Fashion: Shoes

Deciding what to wear on your South Beach Miami trip is always a big challenge. Every time I am planning my trip, first I ask myself, should I buy all new wardrobe? Or, at least should I buy all new shoes?

For me, shoes had alway been the most important part of my outfit.

Finding Good Shoes

Finding good shoes is not so simple. Here is how I handle it. In three easy steps.

Step 1. I set my budget. I don’t buy expensive clothes any more. Yes, expensive things may last for life, but the styles and colors change every year. So, I buy only clothing that is reasonably priced.

Step 2. Since I am a very busy person and I don’t have time to spend hours in a shopping mall, I use Internet. In fact, I love online shopping. I buy more things on the Internet than in a regular store. I love when things are shipped directly to my home and I find much larger selection and variety on the Internet.

Step 3. Usually, I find a fashion website, where a) the prices are reasonable, and b) the style is exactly what I like. And what do I like? I like to look chic and I like bright colors.

Walking and Dressy Shoes

While on vacation, I always walk a lot during the day. So, I need walking shoes for the day and dressy shoes for the evening.

For the day, I selected blue suede sandals and red sneakers (I have a soft spot for red, even when I am buying shoes!) And for the evening, I selected a black platform shoes. In addition, if I still have extra space in your luggage, I would take with me the dark green suede pumps or ivory rhinestone sandals.

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Everyday Shoes

Casual Gore Suede Flat Heel Sandals.

Lace-Up Women Floral Printed Fashion Sneakers for Walking.

Chunky Heel Slip-On Suede Pumps.

Shoes from Pop Julia Store

The shoes I selected are sold in a Pop Julia store. All these shoes are very reasonably priced, mostly, between $15 - $25. The shoes prices in Pop Julia store change very fast, so you have to click on the image to see the most recent price.

That said, we negotiated a special discount for our visitors.
15% off for your 1st order | PopJulia

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Dressy Shoes

Elegant Rhinestone Sandals with Buckle Med Heels.

Black Platform Pumps.

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