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Tired from plain colors? Want to try something different? Try striped dresses!

Here are our six style tips for people who like patterns with stripes.

Black and White Striped Dress. South Beach Miami.

1. Look for Bright Colors

Black and white striped dresses become boring after a while. Everyone has at least one black and white striped dress. But, if you want to stand out in a crowd, try wearing a red and white striped dress or navy and white, or even green, grey and brown.

2. Tassel Trim

Colorful tassel trim on a striped dress is popular this year. Tassel trims make any dress unique and give it a particular character. So, this year look for dresses with tassel trims.

3. Where to Wear

In Miami, you can wear a striped dress practically everywhere - walking around town, going to the bar or night party.

4. Don't Forget the Beach

Bathing suits with stripes look adorable in South Beach Miami! You may also try the beach cover-up, sunglasses, and the beach bag, all with stripe patterns.

5. Shoes

At the party or an expensive restaurant, the black suede pumps will look good with a striped dress, but if you are going to a casual bar or planning to walk around town, try solid color comfortable flats or fashion sneakers.

VISCATA Rascassa Authentic and Original Flats Innersole Cushion Hand. Made in Spain. Comes in 11 colors.

6. Cardigans and Sweaters

A striped cardigan is a right match with any solid color dress or pants. A striped pullover with basic jeans is also a good combination. In general, denim looks always right with a top with striped patterns.

ECOWISH Women's Striped Cardigan with Pockets. Long Sleeve. Open Front. Casual.

What Else...

There are plenty of stores in South Beach Miami, where you can buy clothes. Any clothes. The only thing - everything is 3 - 5 times more expensive than online. This is why when I travel to South Beach Miami, I always bring with me all the clothes I need.

Jessica Gale,

Striped Dress: Casual

AINORS Casual Striped Dress. Colorful Tassel Trim.

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Striped Bathing Suit

Zando One Piece Swimdress. High Waist. Available in 6 different colors and plus sizes.

White Striped Cover up

Neal LINK Women’s Black White Stripped Oversized Beach Cover up with Tassel Trim.

Zeagoo Striped Mini Dress. Women's Casual. Off Shoulder.

Red and Blue Striped Dress

UONBOX Women's Short Sleeves Red and Blue Striped Dress. Tassel Fringe. Celebrity Dress.

Green and Blue Striped Dress

SanHuaZ Striped Dress. Long or Short Sleeve Dress. Comes in 4 different colors.

Butter LONDON Nail Lacquer.

Blue and White Striped Dress

Milumia Button Up Split Print Flowy Party Maxi Dress.

Striped Skirt

MOLFROA Women's Sexy Stripes Wrapped Flounce High Waisted Skirt. Comes in 4 different colors.

Black and White Striped Pants

Floerns Frilled Waist Striped Print Pants.

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Blue and White Striped Dress

Angashion Summer Dress. Midi Dress with Pockets. Floral Bohemian Spaghetti Strap.

Striped Sweatshirt

Germinate Crewneck Striped Sweatshirt. Oversized.

Black and White Striped Dress

Lovezesent Maxi Dress with Pockets.

Striped Sunglasses

Steve Madden Women's Sm865168 Eyewear

Multicolored Striped Dress

Chvity Women's Short Sleeve Midi Dress with Pockets. Comes in 7 Different Colors.

Butter LONDON Nail Lacquer.

Red and White Striped Dress

Naggoo Striped Dress with Pockets.

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Last updated on Jan. 19, 2019.

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