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What to Wear to a Music Festival

At the music festival, people are wearing all kinds of crazy outfits. At the matter of fact, "Crazy" is what defines most of the clothing for any outdoor music festival.

Music Festival.

When going to the music ask yourself, "Do you want to be in the center of attention? " or "You just want to watch the crowd." If you are like me, who likes to watch the crowd, because, well, there is a lot to watch, in addition to listening to electronic music - then wear cute casual style clothing. You can add one little thing to your simple outfit - an unusual hair clip, unique bag or neon sunglasses, just to show that you are part of the festival. But, if you want people to notice you, scroll down to see what we found for you to wear.

The 3 Things to Remember

  1. If in doubt, wear tie-dye clothing. The tie-dye clothing looks fantastic at the outdoor events.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes.
  3. Don't forget to bring to the music festival a sunscreen lotion or spray.

Most importantly, have a great time!

Jessica Gale,

Leg Wraps

iHeartRaves Leg Wraps. Pair of Non-Slip Garter Set with Ribbons. ($13.95.)

Crop Top

Novia's Choice Shiny Sequin Crop Top. ($16.99.)

Comfort Sandals

Gold Pigeon Shoes GP Signature SNAP Lock Comfort Sandals. Many colors. ($44.99.)

Tie-Dye Dress

Sakkas Nora Tie-Dye Sleeveless Embroidered Dress. ($18.99.)

Polka Dot T-Shirt Dress

MITILLY V Neck Ruffle Polka Dot T-Shirt Dress with Pockets. ($26.99.)

Hamoery 8mm Lava Bracelet. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet. Yoga Beads.

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Music Festival Clothing for Women

Faux Fur Furry Hoodie with Paws Ears. ($20.99.)

ZUCKER Feather Mohawk - Coque - Black - 8-10". ($39.33.)

iHeartRaves Sheer Mesh Crop Top. ($19.95.)

SweatyRocks Metallic Elastic Waist Shiny Pants. ($15.99.)

NOVICA Aventurine and Glass Blue and Red Beaded Bohemian Wrap Bracelet, 22" 'Colors of Hope'. ($39.99.)

iHeartRaves Boho Booty Short Bottoms. ($29.95.)

Inorin Womens Open Front Cardigan Faux Fur. Also, available in Black and Beige. ($30.98.)

Neon Nightlife Pink Frame by NEON NIGHTLIFE. ($19.99.)

Fascinators Party Headband. ($10.99.)

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Music Festival Clothing for Men

VATPAVE Mens Summer Tropical Shirt. ($21.99.)

INTO THE AM Men's Graphic Tank Top. ($19.95.)

Blittzen Mens Tank Melting Skull.($14.95.)

Hair Color Dye. Semi Permanent. 100% Vegan. Available in green, blue and other hair colors. ($17.99.)

COOFANDY Mens Fringe Suede Vest. Hippie Costume. ($29.99.)

U7 Serenity Prayer. Free Chain. Christian Jewelry. 18K Gold Plated. ($13.99.)

INTO THE AM Men's Graphic Tank Top Sleeveless Shirt. ($24.95.)

Music Festival Unique Bag

Betsey Johnson Answer Me Phone Bag.($68.55.)

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Last updated on Apr. 17, 2021.

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