Classic Cars in South Beach Miami. Vintage Car Parade.

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Historic Fun in the Sun: Classic Cars in South Beach Miami

Although January means ice, snow, and cold weather in most parts of the country, it’s quite the opposite in South Beach Miami. It’s warm and beautifully sunny there.

The fantastic weather alone can make you feel guilty for staying inside all day. And in all honesty, who’d want to when there’s so much to do in this lovely town – even in the month of January?

One particular event that occurs every January in South Beach Miami is the Classic Car Parade. This event is part of the Art Deco Weekend, which is held on Ocean Drive. It entertains 300,000+ visitors yearly.

It’s presented by the South Florida Region of Antique Automobiles Club of America and showcasing classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles from the early 1900s through the 1980s.

These vintage cars were driven in the parade by their owners. Prior to this, visitors checked out the cars in a car show that was held in the back.

It was during this time they were able to study the cars’ engines while talking to the car owners.

Some of these same cars were for sale, and that’s good for anyone who could afford them. You’ll see for yourself that they were gorgeous enough to buy! Look at the pictures here, which were taken in South Beach in 2010-2012.

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Antique Cars and South Beach Miami: A Great Experience

I admit that I’m no mechanic or auto historian. I have no knowledge how vintage cars perform.

Yet, as a spectator in the crowd at this classic car parade, I was amazed by the refined beauty these classic cars possessed.

As I observed the antique cars and trucks slowly drive down Ocean Drive, I felt extremely fortunate to witness man’s beautiful creation while feeling nature’s cool, breezing ocean lightly sweep its wind across my face.

Bently Convertible 1931

Oh, how I love South Beach Miami and its gorgeous weather!

And I loved seeing these beautiful classic cars on such a picturesque day.

This Art Deco event has given me a greater appreciation for the history these fine automobiles represent.

The History of Antique Cars Make Me Wonder . . .

As I enjoyed watching these classic cars roll down the street of South Miami Beach, I couldn’t help but wonder whether I had a favorite amongst the antique cars.

I admit I did: a yellow 1931 Bently Convertible.

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