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South Beach Miami means many things to different people, but for us, more than anything else, Miami is a vacation place for many Americans and international tourists.

Coming to Miami, it is always good to be prepared, well, for anything. And one of things it is good to know is - where to look for a legal advice and legal services, in case you need it.

Rocket Lawyer:
Free Legal Forms Online

Legal Services.

Rocket Lawyer is a center for affordable online legal forms. You can ask their attorney to review the document you need to sign. You can get connected with the local attorney who is in Rocket Lawyer network and who is charging a discounted rate. You can - and this is the best part - using Rocket Lawyer website make and customize many legal documents from their library of free legal forms.

What Kind of Legal Documents Can Be Created with Rocket Lawyer Technology?

There is a huge library of legal documents on Rocket Lawyer website.

The most popular forms include:

Contractor Agreement,
Lease Agreement,
Affidavit Form,
A Power of Attorney,
Bill of Sale,
Affidavit Form,
• Prenaptial Agreement,
• Forming the Corporation in the US.

What Can You Do With Rocket Lawyer Legal Forms?

With Rocket Lawyer, you can create legal documents, save, print, share, sign it online in seconds and make it legal. You can find there many legal forms for personal and business use. You can create a 15-pages form using your mobile phone. In addition, there are excellent instructions / guidelines attached to every legal document, clarifying how this specific legal form is used and when.

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Are the Rocket Layer Forms State Specific?

Yes. All legal documents created on Rocket Lawyer website are legally enforceable in all US states and immediately available for you to access online, print or download.

Rocket Lawyer Service: Attorney on Call

If you feel that the generic form doesn't work for you, or you need to customize the form and you don't know how, the attorney from Rocket Lawyer can help you. Just call Rocket Lawyer and ask for the Attorney On Call service.

Paying for Use of Legal Documents Library

There are different ways how you can pay for the use of legal documents at Rocket Lawyer.

First, you can pay for one form a fixed amount of $20.

Second, you can sign up for the free 7-days trial and create up to 3 legal forms for FREE during your trial period. Even if you cancel the membership before the end of the trial, the legal forms you had created will still be available to you.

Finally, if you know you need their services on regular basis, you can purchase a membership and pay an annual fee.

Prices change and the best way to find out the latest membership fee is to contact the Rocket Lawyer directly. Make sure you ask if the run any special promotions. The Rocket Lawyer does offer different discounts from time to time for their members.

Need More Help?

The Rocket Lawyer is known for its excellent phone support, Monday – Friday, during regular business hours. You also have an option to use their Chat online service or send an e-mail with your question. They read all e-mails.

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What Else You Need to Know

Rocket Lawyer is NOT a law firm. Rocket Lawyer provides a platform for legal information and self-help. They do not review any information on a document you create for legal accuracy or sufficiency. For that you need to hire a licensed attorney. Rocket Lawyer doesn't recommend or endorse any attorneys.

If you want to learn more about Rocket Lawyer or if you are looking for a specific legal document online, visit their website Or, just call their toll-free number.

Other Useful Information

You will find tons of valuable information available on their website. There is a legal dictionary that clarifies many confusing legal terms. There is a section of questions and answers which is worth reading. Finally, there is a legal blog, where the founder of Rocket Lawyer writes commentaries about most current events in the US.

Last updated on May 8, 2021.

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