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The Raleigh Garden, the metal sculptures outdoor exhibit

Raleigh Garden Outdoor Exhibit

In South Beach Miami something new is always happening. This time it was a Ralegh Garden Metal Sculpture exhibit.

Raleigh Garden-1

Raleigh Garden #2

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Surreal garden

This exhibit is the most unusual. You can find apples, chickens, sheep, gorillas, hippos, all made out of metal.

Raleigh Garden #3

Raleigh Garden #4

Raleigh Garden #5

These sculptures are the work of the French artist duo Claude and Fran├žois-Xavier Lalanne. Most of the sculptures belong to different owners. In this exhibit, you can see them in one place, and it makes it so unique.

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Raleigh Garden #6

Raleigh Garden #7

Raleigh Garden #8

The Raleigh Garden is a traveling exhibit. If you didn't catch it in South Beach Miami, ask the concierge at the Raleigh Hotel where the exhibit is now. It could be in other Raleigh hotel locations.

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